Plant Life Designs

Design & Installation

Starting from scratch, whether it be a new construction and creating a master plan or revamping an older landscape. Our designers will create a landscape design based on the information gathered at the initial consult, along with the topography and site.

Our 3-Step Process


Complete our online survey or give our office a call to chat more about your landscaping needs! Once you have completed the survey, we will follow up with you and schedule an initial consultation.


At your initial consultation, our designer will visit with you at your property. This typically takes around an hour, based on the complexity of the project. We recommend having everyone involved in the decision-making process at the initial consultation. The designer will go over everything in the survey and will walk the property, gathering more information about the space.

If you are interested in just an hour consultation to gather ideas, the fee is $200. If you would like to move forward in more detail with a landscape design and quote, the fee ranges from $600-$1000, based on the complexity of the project. The designer will quote out the fee at the end of consultation based upon the time involved. The $200 consultation fee is applied to the landscape design fee. The designer will measure the property then and take photographs at the initial consultation.

STEP 3: Landscape Design $600-$1000

Based on the survey, and the initial consultation, a landscape design is created. This is a detailed design, drawn to scale. This price also includes a detailed quote. The landscape design fee also includes one set of design and quote revisions. Every revision done after will be billed at an hourly rate.

Our goal with every one of our landscape designs is that you receive a landscape design that meets your needs and you will really enjoy for years to come. With a detailed design, comes a detailed quote. We strive to be upfront about all the costs involved in the project.

Landscape Installation

Plant Life Designs

We pride ourselves on installing your landscaping as efficiently and professionally as possible.  Our landscape crew comes with over 20 years of landscape installation experience and our designer is there every step of the way with the crew, to make sure the project is installed per plan. 

Once we start your project, we are there every day (weather pending) until the job has been completed.  At Plant Life Designs, we only manage one crew at a time, so we can devote our full attention to your project at the time of installation. 

Our designer checks in at least once a day with the crew to manage the project to make sure everything goes smoothly, as well as with the client if need be.  We handle all coordination of materials and plants, along with locating utilities and work with vendors who provide us with high quality stone and plant materials.  With every installation, we aim to make the process as stress free as possible for our clients.

Our Designer’s Philosophy…

Plant Life Designs

I love to take the time to get to know my clients and really discover what they want to gain from their outdoor space.  The home landscape has so much to offer, and I love bringing out the full potential of each space for my clients, based on their wants and needs.

I devote a lot of time into each design, as I understand it is an investment and should be carefully thought out. I am not only considering the how it is viewed from the exterior, but also from the interior.  I believe the landscape is an extension of your living space.  I have a passion for plants and creating a landscape that offers interest throughout the season, creating layers of color, texture and structure.  Plantings are selected very carefully; to bring in pollinators, birds, bees, which will contribute to our ecosystems.

At our gardens in Van Meter, we trial plants, to ensure what we install in your home landscape is going to perform well.  Before each design has been finalized and presented to our clients, I also take the time to meet with my installer to go over every detail, to ensure for a smooth installation.  We love what we do here at Plant Life Designs and look at every client as an investment in our company.  

– Tara Dudley
Owner and Designer at Plant Life Designs