Custom designed and installed raised garden beds by Plant Life Designs.
Product: Highland retaining wall stone.

  1. Soil Control. The luxury of importing good soil.
  2. Height Control. Beds at 18″ or more are less likely to fill with weed seeds as their seeds tend to travel in ground currents that raised beds are usually above.
  3. Temperature Control.  Raised bed soil tends to warm up quicker in the spring, allowing for earlier planting.
  4. Pest Control. Slugs and snails generally do not like to climb the walls of raised beds. Additional chicken wire beneath the garden beds prevents damage from moles and gophers.

More Garden Tips!

Plant cover crops such as clover, rye, or fava beans to fix nitrogen into the soil in the fall and then turn soil over in the spring.

When designing your edible gardens, it is also important to think of harvest and how neighboring plants might fill in the gaps after you pick.