We have all seen it, and we may even be living with it. The new construction homes being built these days incorporate a standard element; the wooden deck that towers over the yard as it is placed over the walkout basement. With this common deck design, lack of privacy, shade and even space can limit us from using and loving our outdoor living area. At Plant Life Designs we are always striving to maximize your outdoor living, and we have some ideas that will do just that!

Standard Deck Design. A relatively small deck, maybe 12’x12′ is positioned off the dining area of the home with steps going to the backyard.
Three Tier Option. We would propose removing the staircase and adding in a second tier deck for dining and entertaining. The original deck tier is great for cooking as it is typically located off the kitchen. Add in a couple chairs with your grill and you can chat with your friends as you cook burgers! The addition of the second tier accommodates dinner parties well and lowers the space for additional privacy. Stepping onto the ground level (the third tier) makes a cozy spot for intimate conversations over a spritzer, and also transitions well into the green space of the lawn.

Exciting to think about all the wonderful memories to be made with this new layout!