‘Elfin’ Creeping Thyme (Photo Credit: Midwest Groundcovers)
Purple Blooms in May/June. Drought Tolerant!

We are a proud supplier of Hocus Pocus Groundcovers from Midwest Groundcovers. Whether you are looking for something to fun to walk on, something to mix inbetween your shrubs and perennials, a new addition to a fairy garden, blooms to bring in pollinators, plants to grow under trees, we can offer a groundcover for every situation. Mixed with ornamental grasses, perennials and shrubs, groundcovers can also help ease the maintenance of weeding the garden! We offer complimentary online groundcover consultation. Send us a message at info@plantlifedesigns.com with your groundcover questions!

We can find the right groundcover for your garden location, calculate exactly how many you need and order it for pick up at Plant Life Designs!

For a detailed list of our availbity from Midwest Groundcovers, click here! https://www.hocuspocusgroundcovers.com/

Pictured below are two different groundcover planting patterns. Once we know how you would prefer to place them, we can calculate the number of plants needed!

Triangle Pattern
Grid Pattern