When we first visited this yard, our clients had just put on a new beautiful deck. After the construction on the deck was complete, the yard was left with a mix of river rock, some spotty turf and a pile of old materials from the renovation. With the grade change around the deck, we knew we had to get creative! Requests from the homeowner:
1) Coverage around the deck with plant material to draw your eye away from staring underneath.
2) A landing off the staircase for a nice transition from lawn to entertaining space

The rest was up to us!


With the grade change, we thought it would be so fun to create a nice crushed limestone rock walking path around the deck. By doing so, we could also create some larger areas for possible benches/chairs under the tree. It made sense to take out the turf from around the tree for ease of maintenance. With the selection of plantings around the deck we were able to offer some coverage over time, along with a variety of blooms! Roses, hydrangeas, grasses and perennial coreopsis offer a range of colors and low maintenance. The river rock remains under the deck to keep the weeds at bay, but we used a hardwood mulch for the health of the plants and to soften up the stone. A beautiful addition the the new deck!