Beaverdale homes are known for their charm and their yards are no exception. As I stepped foot in this backyard last spring, I was in love with this quaint and cozy space. The yard had some great features with its charming garden shed, patio spaces, and whimsical art. With another growing season on the horizon, our clients had some current concerns with the landscape they wanted to address.

1. They had recently lost a tree next to the driveway and wanted to incorporate another one for additional shade from the west sun on the patio space.
2. With the maturing maple tree, the grass was having a tough time establishing in this area.
3. With the excessive root structure of the maple tree, it was a struggle to grow any plant material below.

1. We expanded the garden bed by the driveway to allow for a newly planted Japanese Maple tree and positioned it closer to the patio to provide shade from the afternoon sun. We accompanied the tree with ‘Limetta’ hydrangea. These will add lime green blooms to the garden in mid summer.
2. With the constant struggle of the grass trying to grow under the dense canopy of the maple tree, we decided to remove it and add in a limestone flagstone path connecting the garage to the garden shed. We softened the stone with a shade loving vinca groundcover. This will fill in to form a solid green carpet and have a periwinkle bloom in the spring.
3. The roots under the maple tree made it very difficult to grow any plant material. Instead of just adding more mulch, we created the look of a meandering stream by using blue trap rock and Mexican beach pebbles. This also brightens up the shady spot.