Add a ‘wine garden’ to your landscape this season with these beautiful selections! See the recipe card below and if you need more assistance please give us a call! Order your plants today for a spring pick up. 515.996.8888

‘Ginger Wine’ Physocarpus
4-6′ tall, 4-6′ wide
Full sun to part sun
Hues of orange-red in the spring and fall; burgundy in summer
White blooms in early summer
Zone 3-7
$51.50 ea, 5 gal. size

‘Winecraft Black’ Smokebush
4-6′ tall, 4-6′ wide
Full sun
Burgundy blooms, purple-black foliage; orange in fall
Zone 4-8
$60 ea, 5 gal size

‘Tuscan Sun’ Heliopsis
12-18″ tall, 12-18″ wide
Full Sun to part sun
Bright daisy-like flowers with an orange-gold button center
Zones 3-9
$17.50 ea, 1 gal. size
‘Cherry Cheeks’ Daylily
24-36″ tall, 18-36″ wide
Full sun
Pinkish-red flowers with gold throat
Zones 3-9
$12.50 ea, 1 gal size

‘Bonfire’ Euphorbia
8-12″ tall, 12-18″ wide
Full sun to part sun
Green foliage changes purple, red, and orange for the summer
Blooms yellow in summer
Zones 4-9
$18 ea, 1 gal size

(Photos courtesy of Midwest Groundcovers)